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Perinatal Massage Therapy


Elsie De WolfeWe strive to bring relaxation and stress reduction to each client. All sessions are individually designed for your needs.



prenatal massage


labor massage


postnatal massage


Fee Schedule

Studio Appt

$110 +tax

one hr



Studio Appt

$55 +tax

half hr


On Location Appt

Birthing Environment

$180 +tax

one hr


upto 60 miles radius

of 44406


Massage for two

Bring your Partner or Bestie

for a side by side massage

$220 +tax



Call 1.877.955.6262 #1 to schedule


We are booked 3-4 wks in advance


Safety & Care for your Belly Blessing

When you first find out you are pregnant your mind immediately begins to race! You begin thinking of everything possible you can do to keep your baby safe. It's exciting at first but then it can take its toll.


We know Mama, we are here for you! We will take good care of you and your belly blessing.


Most women can safely receive massage therapy during the perinatal time. It not only relieves aches and pains but will bring you back to a peaceful state of mind.


Physical changes rapidly occur during pregnancy and others arise after delivery. While our bodies are divinely designed for these changes, they can be physically and mentally draining.


This is not a time to forego self care. While you are nurturing your baby you must also nurture yourself. With that said, this is a time to seek a state licensed, insured, professional massage therapist who is also certified in the area of your interest: prenatal, labor, or postnatal massage. It is important your therapist knows the approved techniques and products to use throughout the perinatal time as well as which to avoid.


Your safety and care are of the utmost importance at our spa.


We only have Ohio State Board licensed and insured massage therapists who have been trained under the direction of spa owner, Diane Zarlingo who is an Insured Ohio State Board Licensed Massage Therapist, Nationally Board Certified with NCBTMB, Certified in Prenatal, Labor, Postnatal, and Newborn Massage as well as being a continuing education provider for professionals working in the birthing field.


Benefits of Massage Therapy

relieves muscle tension


relieves headaches& sinus congestion


reduces hip, back, joint, & sciatica pain


reduces swelling by promoting better lymphatic and blood circulation


improves oxygenation of soft tissues and muscles


encourages better sleep due to overall state of improved well being


promotes positive feelings by increasing dopamine & serotonin (the feel good hormones) and by reducing cortisol and norepinephrine (the feel bad hormones)




Is prenatal massage safe?

Yes and No! For those who are having a healthy pregnancy without any complications prenatal massage is safe throughout your pregnancy right up to and even during labor. For those who are experiencing a high risk pregnancy it should be avoided unless given permission. It is always recommended to ask your Midwife or Ob/Gyn if prenatal massage is safe for you.



When should it be avoided?

It is important to know when it helps and when it should be avoided. It is often said that mamas should wait until their 13th week as massage prior can increase nausea.


It is contraindicated for (but not limited to) the following conditions:


blood clots or clotting disorder


cardiac or pulmonary disorder


chronic hypertension


convulsive disorder




deep vein thrombosis


new sudden pain for unknown reason




preterm labor


severe swelling


Is prenatal massage a medical treatment?

Yes and No! It can be a medical treatment when performed at a medical facility and can billed to insurance providers. It is not a medical treatment at our spa. It is a relaxation massage to reduce muscle tension, help to alleviate mild swelling, and provide stress reduction and is not billed to insurance.



What product do you use during massages?

Whether you are in the prenatal or postnatal time, we use an unscented organic vegan massage lotion. It is nourishing and relieves dry skin without leaving a greasy residue. It is cruelty free and made without artificial fragrance, contains no nut oils, petroleum, mineral oil or parabens.



Do you use essential oils during prenatal massage?

No, it's better safe than sorry. Many find their noses and sinuses are sensitive and easily irritated in pregnancy. But oh do we love essential oils! There are many that should be avoided in pregnancy. A few popular eo's that should be avoided are: basil, clary sage, peppermint, rosemary, sage, tansy, thyme, and wintergreen. You should do your own research on using essential oils in pregnancy. A good article to read is:



Will you be using massage techniques on my belly?

No. While they can be safe and enjoyable, they should not be done outside a medical setting or without a medical professional in the bldg. You can lightly massage lotion, oil, and balms over your belly blessing a home.



Do you only schedule prenatal clients?

Yes and no! We do not offer general massage therapy to all. We initially schedule you during your pregnancy but you are welcome to continue to schedule after delivery.



Do you schedule men for massage therapy?

Yes and no! We do schedule men for couples massage with their partner. However we do not schedule men for individual massage appts. We suggest finding a Chiropractors office who may specialize in sports or deep tissue massage.



How much should I tip?

We have a non-tipping policy, so there's no need to leave a tip. If you're happy, come back, tell family & friends about us, or leave us a google review sharing about your positive experince and that's the best compliment you could give us!



What form of payment do you accept?

We accept checks as well as all major credit cards. We discourage cash pymts and do not utilize any cash apps.







Our studio is located in Youngstown, Ohio in the township of Canfield. We also serve surrounding areas with prenatal massage in : Akron, Boardman, Chagrin Falls, Cleveland, Fairlawn, Hudson, Poland, Salem, Warren, Ohio

Ohio Studio Address

4354 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Canfield, Ohio 44406
877.955.6262 #1

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