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Baby Massage Classes


Elsie De WolfeWe strive to help you nurture, calm, and care for
your baby through newborn massage.


Newborn Massage Instruction


with the official


Baby's First Massage Program®



Private Class $110


Individual Group Class $50


Series of 6 Group Classes $270


All classes include a booklet and oil to


help you continue massaging at home


Call 1.877.955.6262 #1 to schedule


We are booked 3-4 wks in advance.


Benefits of Baby Massage

Spend time with a Baby's First Massage® Certified Newborn Massage Instructor learning how to calm, nurture, and massage your newborn.


Our goal is to help your experience as a new parent be more peaceful, enjoyable, and fulfilling.


While massage is never intended to replace medical care, there are some issues that can be comforted with baby massage to help smooth out those first days of your newborn adjusting to their life outside the womb.


Benefits of daily Baby Massage may include:

  • increased bonding for both parent and baby
  • improved ability to read your baby cues
  • better sleep patterns by increasing serotonin
  • relieves gas and improves digestion
  • improves birth weight for preemies or under weight babies
  • stimulates the nervous system to help improve flexibility
  • coordination and muscle control
  • boosts immune system and increases confidence in parenting

Click to read Parenting Healthy Babies an in-depth article about more benefits.

Q & A

I've never heard of baby massage, is this like a spa appointment for my baby?


It is not like a "spa" appointment where your baby is coming in for us to massage them. We do lend guidance to help you learn the strokes but our goal is to teach you how massage your baby. We teach on a doll side by side next to you and your baby and may also demonstrate strokes on your baby.


How soon can my baby receive a massage?


If you had a healthy delivery and baby is doing well, you can begin baby massage as soon as the first day they are born!


My baby was premature, can they receive a massage?


As long as your baby has caught up to 32 weeks gestational age, is at-least 3-4 pounds, and is medically stable (which means they are are in an open crib and taking feedings) then yes they can! In fact, The Baby's First Massage Program® is active in many NICU's and is part of the care plan in many special care nurseries. If your baby is in the NICU feel free to ask your nurse if you can consider learning this routine to perform in the NICU with your baby.


Can I learn this before my baby is born?


Yes you can! Our program teaches many things about newborn behavior as well as baby massage and is often taught in birth preparation classes.


I'm a professional who would love to learn how I can become certified and host baby massage classes. Can you share the study course?


Yes we'd love to! Mama & Me Photography Spa owner, Diane Yvon, is the owner of The Official Baby's First Massage Program® . You can learn more about programs for professionals by visiting the website:

Baby Massage

What does a baby massage class entail?

You will be the one massaging your baby. You’ll be side by side with The Baby’s First Massage Program owner & facilitator, Diane Zarlingo, LMT, BCTMB, CPMT, CNMI & her teaching doll as she guides you through the strokes and patterns so that you will be able to perform baby massage at home.

What lotion or oil will be used on my baby’s skin?

We use an organic grapeseed oil. This is the preferred choice by many pediatricians. Each client receives their own bottle at each appt. It is freshly opened for your appt and you’ll be going home with the remainder to use at home. It is moisturizing for dry skin and scalp.  It is cruelty free and made without artificial fragrance, contains no nut oils, petroleum, mineral oil or parabens. You are welcome to bring the lotion or oil you are using at home.

Do you offer group classes?


Call 1.877.955.6262 #1 to schedule

Ohio Studio Address

4354 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Canfield, Ohio 44406
877.955.6262 #1

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