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Mama & Me Photography Spa was born out of my experiences in pregnancy, parenthood, and womanhood. Being a mother is the most important job I will ever have. Next to that it is my sincere pleasure to spend time celebrating your miracle within as you enter into this blissful journey called motherhood.

My love and appreciation for pregnancy and babies became elevated after I had several miscarriages. Truth is I always loved babies and was drawn to pregnant women even as a child. I dreamed of what being a mom was like. I wasn't playing pretend as a princess or tv character I was playing "mama" to all my stuffed animals as my babies. When I became an adult I couldn't wait to finally be a mom. But after having miscarriages my body and soul ached and I didn't have that same joy when thinking of motherhood. I knew I was meant to be a mother but did not know if I ever would be one. And then I questioned could I even feel complete if I was never a mom? No one understood. But then after three long months of being hospitalized, on complete bed rest, on magnesium and other meds to stop preterm labor, oh and yes bed pan included I couldn't even stand or I would contract, I gave birth (prematurely) to my first daughter, Breane. It was all worth it. Every single hard part of the journey was erased just by reaching down and touching her hand during birth. I never knew that type of unconditional love. I never conceived again. Fast forward. I went thru many failed rounds of insemination, IVF even ICSI trying to conceive again. Losses followed. I believe I developed PCOS from doing all that to my body. So bonus I didn't have another baby but always felt bloated, achy, and constantly looked pregnant! I decided not to try any longer. IVF was taking it's toll on my body (and mind) and I did have Bre and she did complete me so I was done. But then 7 yrs after giving birth I was blessed again, through the adoption of my second daughter Jessica. I was not on an adoption list and was not trying to adopt yet it happened. So if you are feeling how I was, please know miracles can happen.

Not everyone gets to be pregnant and not everyone gets to stay pregnant and that is why my business matters to me. That is why my focus begins with pregnancy. Prior to this business, I had worked many years, in a medical capacity, in a high risk OB maternal fetal specialists office as well as other Ob/Gyn offices. I met other women who experienced loss and who had all of the same feelings too. You are not alone.

My Bre (now 31)
My Jess (now 24yrs old)

Let's be real motherhood isn't always easy! I knew when I was developing this business supporting other mamas would be the focus. I also knew stress was WAY too underrated and people saying "oh she's having a period" as though that's the only reason for any bad mood was complete bullshit. Motherhood and womanhood are so intricate. So I joined my kids at the kitchen table and went to college to become an Ohio State Medical Board licensed massage therapist. I further went on to be nationally certified as well as becoming a certified prenatal, labor and postpartum massage therapist and a certified newborn massage instructor. Mama & Me was one of the first mothers spa and belly casting studio to open locally. Over the years my business has grown with my clients needs so I continued to spread my wings and add products and services to celebrate motherhood.


Photography was a natural addition. Once again I went back to school and took specialized training in maternity, birth, fresh 48 and newborn photography. My goal isn't for you to just "like" your images. Especially if you've had a long journey to motherhood like I did. You must "LOVE" them. And for that to happen I set out to train with the best. The way I photograph will always be the same in that each session is technically sound but every client and their journey will be different. Each session is unique to your story. Providing an authentic, personal, incredible experience from start to finish is of utmost importance to me.

I have trained with the very best... Celebrity and Fashion photographers who teach artisitic, elegant, innovative yet timeless portraiture: First and foremost the woman who gave me my frist chance at learning and held nothing back teaching is Ana Brandt, next came traininf with Dani Diamond, Kelly Brown, Sue Bryce, Lindsay Adler, and Lola Melani just to name a few. I am a perpetual student and always seek to learn new methods to bring back to clients.


I am certified in CPR for the safety of all in the studio and a proud member of:


The Professional Photographs of America Assoc. (PPA)


The International Assoc. of Professional Birth Photographers (IABP)


The Associated Bodywork & Massage Professional (ABMP)


Mama & Me has also given birth to two sister companies:


And lastly I am the CEO & Facilitator of:


Ok then that's a whole lot to read for a bio lol but I am an open book and wear my heart on my sleeve.


Thank you for taking the time to get to know why my business matters to me and how it was created for you! I look forward to meeting you.


Before you go, Please know that ALL families are welcomed at my studio... regardless of race, religion, socioeconomic backgrounds or sexual orientation. I am an ally to the LGBTQ community and a BLM activist. I am a divorced mother of two and haven't lived a traditional life so please know there are no judgements here, we are all one.


Xo, Diane Yvon She/Her/Hers (Why pronouns matter)


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